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We value your feedback

We need to know if our services are being provided effectively and are meeting your needs.

Please let us know if our staff or services have been helpful by calling or emailing us. Our contact details are below.

If you are unhappy with any part of our service, please let the staff member you normally deal with know. They will try to settle the matter straight away.

If you are still not satisfied, you can contact a manager at PACT who will try to resolve your complaint.

Tel:   0300 456 4800



PACT’s complaints procedure

If you are not happy with the response you have been given and wish to raise or escalate a complaint this is PACT’s complaints procedure.

Who can make a complaint using this procedure?

If we provide a service to you, or someone acting for you, you can express a concern or complaint about that service. Adults, adoptive parents, children and young people can use these procedures to make a complaint about the services we provide.

What if I need help to make a complaint?

If you need help with your complaint, please contact us or the Children’s Commissioner. We can help children, young people and adults with additional needs to find an independent advocate (someone to act on their behalf) to support them to make a complaint. If your first language is not English, let us know and we can assist you.

Complaints Procedure

We would expect complaints to start at Level 1 but if you are unhappy with the response you are given or feel it more appropriate you can escalate to Level 2 or Level 3.

Level 1

You can complain by contacting the person concerned who will try to resolve the issue within 14 working days.

Level 2

You can make the complaint directly to the line manager of the person concerned or by emailing us at

Your complaint will be looked into by the manager of the person or service you are complaining about. They should give you a response within 28 working days.

Level 3

You can write to PACT’s Chief Executive (or to the Chair of the Trustee Board if the complaint is about the Chief Executive). The complaint will be looked into and you should receive a response within 28 working days.

Level 4

If you are still not satisfied, you can write formally to PACT’s Chief Executive requesting that an independent officer examine the complaint. The officer will be given six weeks to look into the matter.  

The officer’s written report will be sent to you. You will have the opportunity to respond in writing to a panel of three PACT trustees, none of whom will have been involved with the issues raised. The trustees’ decision will be reached within 28 working days and will be final.


On points of law complainants should consult a solicitor. Complaints can be started at level 1, level 2 or level 3. If the complaint first reaches the Chief Executive in writing, the complainant will be given the opportunity of having their complaint considered at level 1 or level 2.


Useful contacts

Children’s Commissioner

The Children’s Commissioner for England promotes and protects children’s rights in England and can be contacted at:


020 7783 8330 (general enquiries) or 0800 528 0731 (advice line for children and young people)


Email: (advice for children and young people) or (general)


Sanctuary Buildings, 20 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BT


The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills can be contacted at:

Tel: 0300 123 1231 (General Helpline)

General Enquiries:

Address: Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD

National Minimum Standards for adoption

As an adoption agency, PACT is committed to meeting the national minimum standards set out in the regulatory framework of the Care Standards Act 2000.

The regulations require adoption and adoption support agencies to be managed effectively and efficiently, and ensure that children’s needs are met.

Under regulation 25.11, the agency must demonstrate it has a written policy and procedural guidelines on considering and responding to representations and complaints in accordance with legal requirements and relevant statutory guidance.

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