Adopter Support Evenings

Online events now available!

PACT is arranging exciting new Adopter Support Evenings with each session focusing on a particular subject.  

Experienced PACT social workers will be present to offer support, guidance and some training input relevant to the evening's topic.

These are designed to be informal sessions where adopters can feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their concerns. The events will take place via Zoom so that you can join from home.


Upcoming Adopter Support Evenings

Taking place online via Zoom

Supporting adopted children in education

Date and time: Tuesday 22nd September, 8pm to 9.30pm

Topic: Supporting adopted children in education

Description: We will explore different ways of supporting adopted children in school by considering questions such as:

  • How to create a bridge between home and school and looking for ways of building a safe foundation within school for your child.
  • Transitions within education starting with the beginning of the school day, breaks, changes in the curriculum at different stages of the school year (i.e. Christmas), moving into a new class at the start of the school year and moving to a new school (i.e. Secondary).
  • Curriculum ‘hotspots’ such as family trees that could raise issues around your child’s life story.
  • How to support children with school residentials and days out.
  • Ways of accessing support for your child.
  • Supporting children’s sensory needs
  • Ways of maintaining your presence and attachments with your child even when they are apart from you at school

Talking to children about adoption

Date and time: Tuesday 6th October, 8pm to 9.30pm

Topic: Talking to children about adoption (continuing the life story journey)

Description: We will discuss how you can help your child understand their life story through play as well as a variety of other techniques. We will explore children’s cognitive understanding of adoption as well as when and how to talk to children. We will also look at a variety of phrases that you can use with your child to help them gain a healthy understanding of their journey into your family as well as developing a positive sense of their identity.


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