Adopter Support Evenings

Online events now available!

PACT is arranging exciting new Adopter Support Evenings with each session focusing on a particular subject.  

Experienced PACT social workers will be present to offer support, guidance and some training input relevant to the evening's topic.

These are designed to be informal sessions where adopters can feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their concerns. The events will take place via Zoom so that you can join from home. You can download a flyer here.


Upcoming Adopter Support Evenings

Taking place online via Zoom

Responding to children’s behaviours

Date and time: Thursday 23rd April, 8pm to 9.30pm

Topic: Responding to children’s behaviours (including aggressive and violent behaviour, stealing, lying and the teenage years)

Description: We are looking forward to running our first virtual training and support session and hope that it will be easier for you to attend as you will not need to travel and you should not need to arrange for a babysitter.

Our first topic will be looking at how best to respond to challenging behaviours. Children who have encountered early neglect, abuse, trauma and have attachment difficulties are inevitably going to express their fears and anxieties through their behaviour. We will explore different ways of responding to challenging behaviours often displayed by adopted children which can include violence, aggression, stealing, lying and not co-operating, as well as the teenage years.

Supporting adopted children in education

Date and time: Thursday 30th April, 8pm to 9.30pm

Topic: Supporting adopted children in education (with a focus on coping with the coronavirus)

Description: The session will focus on:

  • Coping with coronavirus, what is working well and what are the challenges
  • Suggestions for educational activities 
  • Maintaining a connection with your child through playful learning activities
  • Transitions and supporting your child when they return to school
  • Keeping links with your school and school community

Talking to children about adoption

Date and time: Tuesday 12th May, 8pm to 9.30pm

Topic: Talking to children about adoption (continuing the life story journey)

Description: We will discuss how you can help your child understand their life story through play as well as a variety of other techniques. We will explore children’s cognitive understanding of adoption as well as when and how to talk to children. We will also look at a variety of phrases that you can use with your child to help them gain a healthy understanding of their journey into your family as well as developing a positive sense of their identity.


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