Building More Resilient Families workshop

A workshop developed in partnership with The Myers-Briggs Company


About the Workshop

PACT, in partnership with The Myers-Briggs Company, has developed a specialist workshop designed to help adopters build their resilience.

The definition of psychological resilience is:

The ability for an individual to bounce back to a previous state of normal functioning, after experiencing pressure without negative effect.

The workshop is based around the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) © tool which helps individuals understand themselves and their preferences.

It will be facilitated by members of the PACT Adoption Social Work team who have been trained as MBTI © facilitators.

The workshop will be delivered over two half day sessions on separate days and will take place via Zoom. The first session will introduce you to the MBTI framework, explore different preferences and identify which type fits you best. The second session will look at how knowing your MBTI preferences can help you build resilience, understand yourself and explore your reactions to stressful situations, providing you with practical strategies to help in your everyday life.

A previous course participant said,

"I use the MBTI tool on almost a daily basis now to understand my reactions to certain situations. It also helps me to pick up on certain preferences my children display."


Upcoming workshops (via Zoom)

There are currently no upcoming workshops. More workshops are being planned for 2021 and dates will be shared here when they become available.


Book your place

To take part in one of these workshops, please email or call 07934 733049

This course is free of charge to all approved PACT adopters and will be of great benefit to those who already have children placed, as well as those waiting for a placement.