PACT's Panel

PACT’s Adoption Panel reviews every application to adopt and makes a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker regarding the applicant’s suitability to adopt. This is part of the legal process to be an approved adopter.

There is a common myth that the panel is there to test prospective adopters and put them through their paces. At PACT we want to show prospective adopters that the panel is there to review the assessment and find out more about each family and what they have to offer. The panel aims to put applicants at ease throughout the process.

Watch the short video below to see PACT’s Panel at work.

The panel members have a wealth of experience, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. All panel members have either personal or professional experience of adoption, and all have the same aim of helping create strong families and positive futures for children from the care system.

Meet PACT's Panel Members.

Please note that some Panel Members are not included in this leaflet for safeguarding reasons.

If you would like to start your adoption journey with PACT, download our Adoption Guide