Commissioning PACT

PACT has a wealth of experience from delivering quality children’s adoption services for more than 100 years across London and the south. 

In doing this we work collaboratively with a number of key stakeholders including local authorities, healthcare professionals and childcare practitioners. This enables us to confidently provide holistic services that assess and meet a child’s individual needs. PACT adoption has delivered a range of children’s services for a number of local authorities including family finding services for children in care. 

We also work with local authorities to help them provide their own adoptive and foster care families with access to our award winning FACTS services. We therefore understand the challenges commissioners face in meeting the needs of children and their forever families and we have the flexibility to ensure that all our services are high quality, outcomes-focused and excellent value for money. 

PACT’s heritage means we have excellent local knowledge and networks that rival larger organisations, demonstrated with many local partnerships including local companies, churches, schools, and healthcare providers. This ensures we are best placed to reach the children and families most in need, and to work together, in partnerships, to ensure the best outcomes and life chances are realised. 

To find out more about the adoption services PACT can provide please contact us: 


Call: 0300 456 4800