What People Say About Alana House

Read below a range of case studies from some of the women who have been helped by Alana House, Reading, services and support

When I walk into my Keywork I feel like I only have 1% positivity and 99% of feeling everything is against me and being unhappy. After my Keywork when I get a chance to see things from the outside in and I get to talk to you about how I’m feeling- not how others feel about me I feel like there is at least 20% that’s positive about my life and it really helps.

Alana House service user

If women felt like they had real support in the community like Alana House offers, maybe they wouldn’t come back (to prison).

Alana House service user

If you’d asked me where I would have been two years ago, I’d probably have hit the deck by now. But I haven’t, I’ve turned my life around and actually made something of myself. And I would recommend anyone to come here with anything they want help with. It’s changed my life for me.

Maxine, Alana House service user

As High Sheriff, I am using my year to share my knowledge and expertise of mental health issues with a range of offender management projects in order to share and learn success stories and influence best practice. One of the places that has most impressed me is PACT’s Alana House, which helps vulnerable women who are often facing a range of problems including addiction, mental health, debt and abuse, often causing a downward spiral and leading to criminal activity. Alana House is highly regarded and valued by a range of professional agencies as it achieves impressive results for these women that can often be life changing. The fact that there is no other service of its kind in the area makes it even more vital and a service that I feel plays a key role in tackling crime prevention in both the immediate and longer term.

Suzanna Rose, High Sherriff Berkshire 2013/14

(Alana House) is a really good use of resources… and it’s amazing to see the women’s self-respect grow and grow. If I was that person coming here to seek help, I would think that someone thinks I’m worth doing this for.

Her Honour Judge Zoe Smith, Reading Crown Court

Women and men are different. Equal treatment of men and women does not result in equal outcomes.

Baroness Jean Corston