BOOST Self-Esteem Zoom Workshops

Self esteem is our self-image, or how we feel about ourselves.

Bounce Back 4 Kids is running a 10-week series of workshops on Zoom all about self-esteem. The course is open to women in West Berkshire who have been affected by domestic abuse and have already been referred to BB4K.

The next group will start in September 2021

To find out more or get in touch, please email

The course will cover:Image of sunflower

  • Having more patience with children
  • Being able to say 'No'
  • Being able to accept compliments
  • Being listened to and heard
  • Trusting your own judgement
  • Trusting other people
  • Feeling confident enough to go back to work
  • Being able to deal with situations
  • Feeling more in control
  • Feeling valued and not put down
  • Not feeling frightened of or intimidated by people
  • Not being dependent on things that make you feel good, e.g. alcohol
  • Waking up with a smile
  • Wanting the day to start
  • Looking forward
  • Being able to manage difficult times
  • Not feeling guilty
  • Not blaming yourself
  • Not questioning yourself
  • Believing in yourself