Family Recovery Toolkit

Bounce Back 4 Kids are running Family Recovery Toolkit courses for adults and young people in Bracknell. This domestic abuse support programme is for young people and their parents affected by domestic abuse and is designed to raise self-esteem and provide an opportunity to explore and express their feelings in a safe therapeutic way. Bounce Back 4 Kids staff have been trained by Rock Pool to provide this training.

The Young People Recovery Toolkit is suitable for any young person (aged 11-14) that has witnessed or experienced domestic abuse and is able to take part in a support group.

Sessions for the Young People Recovery Toolkit are interactive and fun. The topics include:

  • Why am I here?
  • Self-esteem – what is it?
  • Who’s my family?
  • Talking positive
  • Ways to handle difficult emotions without getting into trouble
  • Healthy relationships and trust

The aims are to help young people come to terms with their experiences and to develop a positive lifestyle and coping strategies.

The Adult Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit aims enable the adult to better understand and deal with their previous experiences. Their strengths, resources and coping skills and resilience are reinforced contributing to their own health and wellness on a long-term basis, providing domestic violence support.

For more information about the programme see our domestic abuse support leaflet

We are currently accepting referrals for our next groups starting in autumn 2019. Please contact us if you have any bespoke needs that we can support before our next group starts in autumn 2019.

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