What People Say About BB4K

Read the quotes and case studies below to hear from BB4K service users and supporters.

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Quotes from parents

BB4K receives positive feedback from many parents who attended the programme with their children:

“I would highly recommend the group. I wasn’t so sure at first but now I’m really happy she took part.”

“During the course she became more confident and outgoing. She stood up in assembly and read out a paragraph which she hadn’t done before. Her behaviour at home improved and she became more settled.”

“I have learnt a lot and feel that I am more confident as a parent and in myself generally.”

“It has made our home much happier and calmer. We speak more and have special time together.”

“Doing this Bounce Back course with my daughter has been one of the best things I’ve done. I was unsure at first, as I didn’t want to admit it had affected my girls so much. But I am so happy I did as it has opened my eyes and given me and my daughter the tools to move forward.”

"He is more loving and affectionate since starting the course."

"I feel that he can now openly tell us his feelings towards certain things which helps us to understand his actions."

"Becky has loved coming and I can see a big difference in her confidence."

"My relationship with Scott has strengthened and I am beginning to understand what my children’s behaviour is communicating."

"I have seen Sarah increasing in confidence, more able to share her concerns with me and understands that she is not responsible for others’ behaviour."

"Peter is now calmer … more loving … respectful … aware of other people’s feelings."

Jenny’s story

At six years old Jenny’s relationship with her mother had broken down after her father moved out of home because of domestic abuse. Jenny’s behaviour at school started deteriorating and she was refusing to eat. Jenny was referred to a BB4K programme by her teacher. After attending the group Jenny’s mother said that Jenny had become ‘an angel’, was eating better and they were enjoying positive times together playing games and doing craft activities. Jenny now understands how the relationship between her parents had changed and the challenges her mother was facing.

Harry's story

Harry was living with his Nan and had been referred from school, he was struggling with concentration and anger, with the referrer stating that “Harry is always angry. He always feels that his work is not good enough, he finds it hard to take praise but is desperate for it! He is able to tell you why he is angry but it is so deep rooted in the past he seems to find it impossible to let it go”. Harry was also displaying a lot of anger towards Nan and their relationship was breaking down. After the group Harry had calmed down a lot and was a key member throughout, he enjoyed the discussions and the craft activities and learnt some new tools in being able to deal with how he was feeling much more appropriately. Harry and his Nan were building and strengthening their relationship and after she had attended the carer’s group she said the most helpful aspect was “knowing that we are not alone and that there are others in the same situation.

Rachel's story

Rachel had experienced moving house after her mum left her dad due to domestic abuse.  She was frightened of her dad and suffering from low self-esteem, confidence and trust issues. Initially Rachel was very anxious and withdrawn, she would listen to others in the group and keep quiet.  During week 3 of the sessions the facilitators started to see a big transformation - she shared how she was feeling and made good friends with the others and began to really blossom. Rachel loved the activities and hearing other people’s stories reduced her feelings of isolation. After the group her mum stated “Rachel is more confident now for example wanting to join after school clubs and more readily going to play at friends’ houses.  She is happy being herself. 

School feedback

Many schools support BB4K and have noticed the positive changes in their pupils who have taken part in the group. Comments from schools include:

"Bobby doesn't shout out as much on carpet.  He seems far more settled and ready to learn."

“Very worthwhile and enjoyable for a very confused girl.”

“He has got better at working as part of a team.”

“She has become more confident and has made more friends at school.”

"C's teachers feel that he benefited tremendously from the course and we will recommend BB4K highly to colleagues. Thank you very much."

"Mr B noticed that as a result of Jack attending BB4K it has especially helped with his anger. If someone annoys him he has a mature attitude and approach and is able to walk away from the situation, or take a deep breath. After attending the group he received an award at school, this was for his work but also his mature attitude."

"Please pass on our thanks & say that we have also seen an improvement in Jessica's confidence and willingness to have a go."

"Bethany has ongoing problems at home but I have felt that she appears to be coping better with them than she would have done before Bounce Back. She does tend to settle into school life much better now."

"Emily is more reflective and thoughtful than she used to be and is far more able to discuss her feelings objectively."