Brian and Andy are a gay couple

We are a same sex couple who have been together for 10 years. We decided we would like to adopt a child together after meeting with an old friend who was just about to adopt her second child through PACT. After hearing her experience with PACT we contacted them in the Autumn of 2012.

We felt that although we would have a good life together but that to have a child would make our lives a lot more enjoyable and fulfilled.

We had the initial meeting and it was agreed we would attend the course run by PACT in February 2013. We were assigned our social worker and the journey began. In July 2013 we went to Panel and were approved as adopters for two children up to the age of 5 years and 11 months.

We found the next period quite difficult, choosing our children. We hadn’t given the makeup of our family enough thought and felt daunted by the amount of emails we received from PACT’s family finder. There were so many children needing homes.

By the December of 2013 we had decided that we were only going to consider 2 boys as this would fit with our home and our lifestyles.

In January 2014 we received the profile of two siblings aged 4 and 5. They had suffered neglect but seemed to be happy little boys in their foster placement. The older boy was quite timid while the younger boy was full of life.

On 17 June, 2014, we met the boys for the first time. We played with them for hours and knew we had chosen our forever family. They moved in with us on 25 June and we hit the ground running. They had been well prepared for the fact they would have two daddies and it was not an issue to them. The older lad was pleased as he said mums tell you off more… how wrong he was!

We had three months together before the boys started school in September and Brian went back to work after his adoption leave.

We haven’t looked back and the boys are the best thing we have ever done. So far we have had no issues as a same sex couple and the boys are very happy. This year we are having them christened by the catholic church in Ireland and there has been no issue with that either.