Case study 1

Alana House service user

This woman was referred to Alana House by DAIS. She was severely depressed and was addicted to sleeping pills. She had debt issues, was feeling isolated and in general ill health.

An Alana House Support worker was assigned to the woman and worked with her to develop her support plan. She was referred her to Mothertongue and Talking Therapies for counselling. The Support worker advised the woman to attend CAB for debt advice and suggested that she attended New Directions at Alana House for the English course to give her confidence and to improve her English. The Support worker joined her on visits to doctors appointments, solicitors appointments and the job centre to support her. Further activities within the community were also suggested for the woman to join in to help her engage with others.

When this woman first came to Alana House she was unable to talk without crying, did not make eye contact and could not be around people. She had low self esteem and confidence and could not see a bright future for herself. She had a bad 12 months where her health had deteriorated and she was in hospital due to pneumonia. She was also diagnosed with Diabetes during this period and was not able to attend regular keyworker sessions and found it difficult to leave her house. During this time her mental health suffered as well. Over the last 4-6 months the woman has appeared more confident and is feeling healthier. And as a real testament, she has also started a part time job.

The woman is still in therapy, but her mental health has improved and she is swimming and exercising more. She has dealt with her debts and is now making regular payments and is no longer worried about the post coming through the door each day. She has been attending English classes - passing her exams and making friends. This  has really helped her, and she has grown in confidence.  She has recently started part time work as an Interpreter at the hospital, giving her much needed self-confidence and skills. She has just taken her first holiday with her daughter in years.

Next steps

The woman will continue with her part time work and will start the English course again in the new term. Her support worker will introduce her to other centres that provide support as a piece of outreach work to encourage her to expand her social life.

Service user quote

“This is my second home, it’s the best place. Everyone is friendly. I was almost dead when I arrived here...i had no hope. Now i feel so much better. Alana House has helped a lot. I am alive because of DAIS sending me here and my support worker at Alana House. There are no words to explain how Alana House has helped me. From where I was and where I am now.”

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