Case Study 3

Alana House service user

Angie is aged 56 and from Reading.


Before coming to Alana House she was in a violent relationship and was using alcohol and prescription medicine. Angie described herself as “in a really bad way”. Five and a half years ago a friend gave her a leaflet for Alana House.

Angie said: “Alana House pointed me in the right direction, supported me and helped me use the phone. They put me in touch with an alcohol group and I talked about my experiences with IRIS.” (IRIS Reading is the adult drug treatment service for Reading)

Angie began to attend the drop-sessions regularly and still comes now. She said “they were helpful when I couldn’t get out.” She also has one-to-one sessions and an Alana House worker supports her at appointments as she is hard of hearing – a consequence of her previous violent relationship.

Angie recently attended a domestic violence programme and says “The domestic violence programme was very good, it all made sense to me.” “I’ve met great people, great friends at Alana House. It’s a place to come and be safe. Things are better now. People come here for all different reasons, nobody judges. There’s good leaflets for other places.”

“Alana House pointed me in the right direction.”

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