Case Study 6

Alana House service user

Ruth, who lives in Reading, has been a carer for her elderly mum since the age of nine years old. Her mum who has learning difficulties is now 82 and her Dad suffers from mental health problems. Ruth suffers from anxiety and depression and  believes the stress of being a carer caused these mental health problems. She said: “As a carer you don’t always ask for help.”

A friend suggested she come along to Alana House. Ruth says: “I wasn’t sure it was the right place at first, I was wary, it was all new.” Ruth began coming regularly, then lost touch for a while but now attends regularly.

Ruth said: “I come to drop-in which is so important when you feel alone otherwise you have the mindset that no one cares and you’re on a downward spiral. It’s good that you can come whenever you want. The staff are approachable, I feel supported.”

Since Ruth has been coming to Alana House again, she has been able to attend a big family event, she said: “I went even though I was anxious about it, I used to avoid things like that.”

She says: “With anxiety, the more support you have the better. No one should be alone, at Alana House there are people there. Helpful smiley people. Alana House is somewhere I can come at my saddest and at my happiest.”

 “The staff are approachable, I feel supported.”

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