Diana Hasting MBE

Member of Communities and Adoption committees

Diana is serving on the PCC and Abingdon Deanery Synod, and has been elected to Diocesan Synod for 15 years, serving on the Board of Social Responsibility until its demise. She is a Trustee of the Oxford Diocesan Mothers’ Union with responsibility for (non-Branch-based) Diocesan Members – including the Bishop of Oxford! From her first marriage she had four children and now has nine grandchildren, the eldest born in 1984. (She also has three step-children and five step-grandchildren) As a single parent for six years with four young children, Diana worked freelance as a secretary, conference organiser, membership administrator, cook, or scrubbed floors if nothing else came up. Her experience of single parenthood led her 15 years ago to volunteer for PACT where she has served on the former Awareness Raising committee, the Housing & Community Committee, and now on the Adoption Panel and A&F Committee. She and her late husband Peter were local Poppy Appeal Organisers. All very different from her first job at No.10 when the Suez Canal flowed through Lady Eden’s drawing-room. Qualifications: BA(Th) Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology

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