Ruth, who lives in Reading, has been a carer for her elderly mum since the age of nine years old. Her mum who has learning difficulties is now 82 and her Dad suffers from mental health problems. Ruth suffers from anxiety and depression and  believes the stress of being a carer caused these mental health problems. She said: “As a carer you don’t always ask for help.”

Kimberly aged 36 is from Ascot and has been coming to Alana House since July 2016.  After seeking support from her local Citizens Advice Bureau following a traumatic incident, she was referred to Alana House as a vulnerable woman

Eva, aged 36, is originally from Eastern Europe and now lives in Reading. She first engaged with Alana House in 2015 but stopped attending after a short time. She got back in touch with the service in April 2016.

Angie is aged 56 and from Reading.


Before coming to Alana House she was in a violent relationship and was using alcohol and prescription medicine. Angie described herself as “in a really bad way”. Five and a half years ago a friend gave her a leaflet for Alana House.

Angie said: “Alana House pointed me in the right direction, supported me and helped me use the phone. They put me in touch with an alcohol group and I talked about my experiences with IRIS.” (IRIS Reading is the adult drug treatment service for Reading)

This woman was known to the probation service as a result of fraud. She had been struggling to manage her finances which led up to her offence. She also had a history of substance misuse. This was managed by KCA Prescribing Services and she had a Methadone prescription, however the woman stated she was keen to reduce her intake. She was living in a basement flat in Reading. The property had a lot of damp on the ceilings and walls. The woman found life difficult at times because she had experienced a bereavement. Initially.

This woman was referred to Alana House by DAIS. She was severely depressed and was addicted to sleeping pills. She had debt issues, was feeling isolated and in general ill health.