PACT supports Big Adoption Day 2018

ADOPTION charity Parents And Children Together (PACT) is supporting a national day of action to raise awareness of adoption and the need for more adopters.

PACT, which last year placed 82 children with 56 families through its adoption services, is joining with adoption agencies across the country to mark this year's Big Adoption Day on Wednesday 21st March.

Now in its third year, Big Adoption Day aims to promote the need for more people to come forward and provide a forever home to a child in care. There are currently more than 2,000 children waiting to be adopted in England.

The latest figures show that in the South East, 61 per cent of children waiting to be adopted are in a sibling group.

As part of its support for Big Adoption Day, PACT is holding an information event in London on Thursday 22nd March for anyone interested in finding out more about adoption. The event will include an introduction to adoption from a PACT social worker and a talk from a PACT adopter.

PACT is one of the leading adoption charities in the country and specialises in finding secure and loving homes for those priority children who can be harder to place and can face the longest wait for their forever family. These include children over four years old, in sibling groups of two or three, of BME heritage or with additional needs.

PACT adopters can be couples or single people, of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Eddie, and his partner Jody, are adopting two brothers through PACT. The two boys, both under two years old, were placed with them last year.

Eddie said: "The transformation in our boys is just phenomenal. They have just thrived from feeling loved and secure in our lives and our home. It's changed our lives completely too - really given us a new sense of meaning and purpose. We both just want to be the best parents we can possibly be."

Eddie, who shares his experiences of adoption by speaking at PACT information events for prospective adopters, said his best advice to anyone considering adoption was to have belief that they had something to offer as a parent.

He added: "The other thing I'd say is to take a leap of faith. I understand that people are tentative and nervous about starting the process of adoption, and it's actually not a bad thing to feel that, but you'll never know for sure if it's right for you unless you take that leap of faith and go for it."

Chief Executive Jan Fishwick OBE, said: "We are delighted to be supporting Big Adoption Day again this year and to be helping to raise awareness of the critical need for more people to consider adoption. I would urge anyone who thinks they can provide a loving, secure home to a child or children who need it, to please get in touch with us to find out more."

PACT's Big Adoption Day information event on Thursday 22nd March is being held in Pimlico at 6.30pm. Please book your place to attend by calling 0300 456 4800 or emailing