Case study 2

Alana House service user

This woman was known to the probation service as a result of fraud. She had been struggling to manage her finances which led up to her offence. She also had a history of substance misuse. This was managed by KCA Prescribing Services and she had a Methadone prescription, however the woman stated she was keen to reduce her intake. She was living in a basement flat in Reading. The property had a lot of damp on the ceilings and walls. The woman found life difficult at times because she had experienced a bereavement. Initially. The woman had a desire to gain a qualification in literacy and IT.

The woman received a full induction at Alana House and a support plan was devised, which included: sorting out the damp in her flat, improving her self esteem and assertiveness, money management and to encourage her to engage in New Directions courses at AH to achieve a GCSE in Literacy, Maths and IT. The Alana House Support Worker supported the woman to manage her finances by working through a budgeting plan.

By working on a budget plan she was able to see on paper the amount of money she received and the amount of money she should be spending to cover her financial commitments, she was surprised at how much she could save.  The Support Worker applied to The Earley Charity for a grant to buy the woman a fridge freezer so that she could shop more efficiently and budget her money. She was also referred to CAB for extra support with debt management and to check she was receiving the correct benefits. The woman was struggling with a recent bereavement so the Support Worker referred her to Cruse Counselling who specialise in bereavement counselling. Then the Support Worker supported the woman with being assertive and gave her examples on how this may look and sound. One of her concerns was that she did not want to appear to be being rude to others. However, she overcame this fear and was encouraged to speak to her landlord regarding the damp in her flat. The landlord responded to her concerns and arranged for someone to come to the property and resolve the damp problem for her. The landlord also paid for a decorator to come and re-decorate for her. A referral was made to New Directions so she was able to access Literacy, Numeracy and IT courses at Alana House.

The woman has developed skills that have increased her confidence and improved her self esteem. She regularly attends the Alana House drop in sessions which encourage social inclusion and making friends - this has also improved her self esteem and confidence. She is slowly making progress with being more assertive and speaking up in a group setting giving her opinion. She is managing her finances effectively at present and is planning to start the New Direction courses in the near future.

The woman is engaging well with services and continues to work on her self development. She is feeling more confident with a higher level of self esteem and more able to move forward and live a positive life. Her money management and budgeting has improved and she is linked in with New Directions and counselling services for on going development and support.                                                       

Next steps

The woman will be encouraged to continue to attend drop in’s at Alana House and the Support Worker is due to close clients case to ‘drop in only’ in the near future.

Service user quote

“I am grateful to have had support from Alana House. They have helped me rebuild my confidence and I am now achieving the goals that I have set for myself.”

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