Case study 5

Alana House service user

Kimberly aged 36 is from Ascot and has been coming to Alana House since July 2016.  After seeking support from her local Citizens Advice Bureau following a traumatic incident, she was referred to Alana House as a vulnerable woman

Kimberly previously had a good job in a school and described herself as an “active employee.” Kimberly was referred to Alana House as she is part of a vulnerable family which was targeted by abuse, causing a split withinin the family. Kimberly describes “a traumatic incident of ethnic and religious persecution.” Kimberly was being blamed for what was happening and people were taking advantage of her.

Kimberly has attended drop-in sessions and has a 1-1 worker. She says “Alana House is a nice release, I’ve made lots of friends and feel better. Alana House helps with employment, money and health. It is building my self-esteem and I know now that I am not a bad person. Alana House is confidence-building.”

 “Alana House helps with employment, money and health.”


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