Alana House Coffee (beans)


The women of Alana House have produced their own limited edition coffee as a charitable initiative supporting other women.

The women, many of whom have trained as baristas and help to run the Alana House Community Café, were involved in selecting the coffee, designing the packaging and roasting and packing the beans.


They chose a single origin organic Ethiopian coffee produced by produced by Mustafa Abba Keno on his small holding in Agaro, Jimma in western Ethiopia. The varieties grown are 74110, 74112 and Heirloom and they were naturally processed in Mustafas’s Kabira drying station. The coffee stood out as being the most smooth and balanced of those tested with a good body and a pleasant milk chocolate and sweet fruit flavour.


Proceeds from sales of the Alana House Coffee will be shared between Alana House and the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, a charity supporting girls in Ethiopia to help them stay in education.


We thank you for your support!


You can choose to have your coffee delivered to you, or to collect them from our Reading office. Shipping costs £3.70 and there is a limit of three packs per shipping order. Click and collect is free and there is no limit. Should you wish to order more than three packs and have them shipped to you, please contact


Please note this product is coffee beans. If you would prefer to buy ground coffee you can purchase this here in the Anonymous Coffee store.


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