Invesco and PACT: Transforming lives together

Make your vote a story of hope

Listen to Melody’s story now to see why we need your support 👇

Melody’s Story

Melody is just one of the many children whose lives PACT has transformed through its adoption support services.

Every day, PACT works tirelessly to support hundreds of adopted children like Melody, helping them overcome the trauma of their past and embrace a brighter future.

A partnership with Invesco will mean PACT can continue to provide these vital adoption support services, offering children like Melody the opportunity to heal, grow, and thrive.

Vote for a cause that goes beyond charity – this is your chance to create impact, foster community and shape brighter futures.

About PACT

PACT is a family support charity that specialises in helping children and adults to heal from emotional and physical abuse, and trauma.

We transform lives through providing ‘Outstanding’ (Ofsted 2023) adoption support services and impactful community projects for children and their parents who have survived domestic abuse and women who have encountered the criminal justice system.  

How your vote will help

Adopted children are disproportionately disadvantaged and marginalised in society. They have all been at risk and removed from their birth families following abuse and neglect and many adopted children struggle with feelings of rejection, bereavement and loss, and often feel confused, distressed, angry and depressed.

We need your help to transform the lives of these children and their families.

Read about the difference we can make:

Why vote PACT?

We are local! PACT has locations in Reading, London, Milton Keynes and Brighton and works with familes near you!

We are a small charity doing amazing work! A partnership with Invesco would make a huge impact:

  • A donation of £50,000 could fund our entire Adoptee Voices programme – groups for adopted children and young people to help them make connections with each other.

  • £100,000 could cover the salaries of three therapeutically trained social workers in our Strengthening Families Team.

Your vote will help us support over 500 individuals each year of our partnership. Imagine the resilience, love, and stability you’ll foster.