Invesco and PACT: Transforming lives together

Let’s be partners!

What’s in it for You – Unlock exclusive benefits like free access to CATCH, our online platform of webinars, podcasts and eLearning including tailored parenting resources created for Invesco employees, and vital training on domestic abuse awareness. Plus, enjoy special invites to events like our Christmas carol concert and garden party, where inspiring speakers share impactful stories that show the difference you will be making.

For our partnership – You’ll have a dedicated partnership manager ensuring a seamless and meaningful connection. Stay updated on opportunities and info through a dedicated online hub for Invesco employees.

Join the action – Your skills matter! Volunteer for mentoring, skill-sharing, and unique projects in marketing, databases, and social media. Experience the heartbeat of Invesco and PACT with shadowing and day-in-the-life opportunities for employees of both organisations. We could also help by reviewing Invesco’s adoption and safeguarding policies.

The PACT challenge – Be part of something big. Engage in physical challenges, virtual adventures, and fundraising activities. It’s not just about making a difference; it’s about being part of the change.

Impact and outcomes – Your vote will help us support over 500 individuals each year of our partnership. Imagine the resilience, love, and stability you’ll foster. With your support, we will change lives.

Make it happen – Vote today and make PACT your charity of the year.

Let’s co-create a future that resonates with purpose!