A-Z of fundraising ideas

Here is the Fundraising Team's A-Z of fun fundraising ideas!

Arm Wrestling: set up an arm wrestling contest at home with your friends or at a local pub.

BBQ: see the first rays of sun outside? Take advantage by organising a BBQ to raise funds for your run or event.

Cake Sale: an oldie but a goodie! Take this fundraising classic to the next level by turning it into a competition. Channel you inner Mary Berry and on your marks… get set... BAKE!

Digital Blackout: in need of a digital detox? Get sponsored by friends and family to go three days without any social media, texting and internet. It will definitely be a challenge!

Egg and Spoon Race: another classic! Set up the race and charge your friends or colleagues to enter. You could offer a small prize to the winner.

Fancy Dress Day: always wanted to go to work in your Belle dress? Just me? Organise a fancy dress day at work and ask everyone £3 to take part.

Games night: get the cards ready, the twister out and practice your body language for the charades because this one gets competitive! Ask your friends and family for a donation to take part and get ready for some serious fun.

Hour of pay: let your family members, friends and colleagues know why you feel passionate about PACT and encourage them to donate an hour of their pay to your run or event. Share some examples of the potential impact of their donations. 

International Cuisine Day: a great excuse to have your friend’s world-famous guacamole! Ask a couple of international friends or colleagues to bring and sell/share exciting dishes.

James Bond party: invite your friends or colleagues to a James Bond get-together. Play your favourite Bond Movie in the background, maybe some soundtrack classics and sell some ‘shaken, not stirred’ martinis.

Karaoke: charge friends or colleagues to participate and prepare yourself for some good old singing fun! 

Limbo competition: limber up for a limbo competition at the local pub. Charge £1 to participate, get a small prize or a drink for the winner, and show millennials how it’s done!

Match Funding: find out if your employer or your school would be willing to match the funds you raise to support PACT.

Name the teddy: get a teddy bear and a list of names. Charge friends or colleagues to pick a name and give a prize to the one who guessed right.

Obstacle course: set an obstacle course and charge participants to race. You can make it nice and easy with inflatables and silly obstacles, or really hardcore, ninja warrior style; your call!

Penalty shootout competition: charge teams of five to enter in the competition and give a small prize to the winners. If you want to make it extra fun, replace the football for a beach ball and make the goalie wear a blindfold.

Quiz Night: organise a quiz night at your local pub. Charge participants to enter and ask the pub for a free round of drinks for the winners.

Rounders Tournament: charge teams to enter and see if you could get a local business to donate a prize for the winners.

Sponsored Silence: are you a chatty Cathy? Commit to be silent for a couple of hours and up to a day and get your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

Treasure Hunt: this will never get old! Get individuals or teams to take part for an entry fee and have some fun by following the clues around your office, school or even around your town.

University Challenge: do you know what is the SI unit of viscosity? No? Neither do we! Get all the smarty pants around you to pay to participate in your very own University Challenge and make Jeremy Paxman proud. 

Vegan challenge: if you are a meat lover ask your friends and family to sponsor you to go vegan for a month.

Weightlifting competition: ask your local gym for permission to organise a weightlifting competition to support PACT. Charge competitors and entry fee, secure a prize for the winner and get ready to witness the survival of the fittest!

Xbox night: you know the drill… charge your friends to participate, order some pizzas and have a lot of fun!

Yes Day: get sponsored to say ‘Yes’ to everything for a day. If you want to turn it up a notch, try to convince your boss to do it; it would be extra funny but keep it within reasonable boundaries, the boss is still the boss!

Zumbathon: organise a super Zumba session with the local Zumba studio or gym and charge participants to shake it like a Polaroid!


If you are planning to fundraise for PACT through an event or challenge, you can use Enthuse to set up a free fundraising page for yourself or your team.