All Saints Church, Wokingham

All Saints Church is a Church of England church which aims to be active and make a positive difference to the local community in Wokingham. Their worshipping and community work has a strong emphasis on making a positive difference to the lives children and youth in their local area. 

Over the years, everyone at All Saints has provided incredible support to PACT. Rev Canon David Hodgson, Rector of All Saints Church Wokingham, and Paul Armitage, who has been a true champion for PACT, have supported us through daily prayers with the congregation and through various activities during Easter and Christmas. 

They have made incredibly generous donations to PACT for a number of years which have enabled us to support our beneficiaries and to further our mission. Members of the church have also visited and supported our Alana House Community Café and PACT has attended their Junior Church and X-plore Youth Group to talk to children about how to safely express their feelings. 

Reverend Hodgson said: “We are very proud that you have made All Saints Church Wokingham Supporter of the Month. Our guiding principle is to be active and make a positive difference to society. It follows that we should give financial and other aid to such a worthy charity as PACT.” 

Thank you so much All Saints Church: you are PACT superstars! 

You can visit the All Saints Church website here, and read more about the churches we have partnered with here

If you would like to get involved in fundraising or partnering with PACT, click here to find out more and contact us.  

(Picture: Reverend Canon David Hodgson and members of the congregation in the Church grounds)