Image of Revered Judith Sumner in Reading Minster

Reading Minster

Besides being a space of reflection and providing a place and a time for prayer for all, Reading Minster seeks to both engage in social issues that are relevant to the local community and support the work of the local authority, organisations and institutions.

Reading Minster has continuously supported PACT and the work we do with children, women and families in Reading and the surrounding area. In 2020, the incredible support from the Minster enabled us to celebrate all the women in our community, especially those using our Alana House community project, through an International Women’s Day service. The service was an opportunity to celebrate Alana House’s tenth birthday and to reflect on the many inequalities and disadvantages still experienced by women across the world and the work that still needs to be done to eradicate this. This year, despite the circumstances, the Minster helped us again to celebrate women through a virtual service.

Reverend Judith Sumner, Reading Minster’s Associate Minister, is one of PACT’s trustees and has been instrumental to the success of our joint work. In her capacity as a trustee, she has provided invaluable input and guidance regarding the way in which we engage with faith communities including PACT’s 2021 Christmas Church appeal.

Reverend Sumner said:

“It is always a privilege and a pleasure to support the vital work you are doing. PACT’s work makes such a difference to so many, both for those looking to build new families and those needing support following trauma and abuse.

In all you do, PACT, you offer continuity of care and compassion and in that, the hope shines through for so many futures. We look forward to being a part of that hope and future in our continued work with you.”

Thanks to Reading Minster we will hold our annual Christmas celebration in Reading for the first time this year. ‘Carols at the Minster: A Christmas celebration for all the family’ will take place on Monday 20th December 2021. There will be a pre-concert tea party of light refreshments and cakes from 6pm, followed by a concert of music and readings from 7pm including festive performances from Reading Youth Orchestra, St Mary’s School Choir and Reading Rock Choir. Children and families will be welcome.

Thank you so much to everyone at Reading Minster: you are PACT superstars!

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