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With your continued support, PACT can help even more children grow up in loving families.

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Thanks to you, PACT is able to be there for more people when they need us the most. Your donation has helped children like Isobel, Charlie and Libby.

Isobel*, aged 4, and her mum were supported through PACT’s Bounce Back 4 Kids domestic abuse recovery programme. Isobel’s mum said:

“I found this group amazing, helpful, caring and it helps me set the blueprint for my children’s future… BB4K is the best thing I decided to do for me and my children.”

Charlie and Libby*, aged 7 and 6, were supported by PACT’s adoption support team. Their mum said:

“Due to their early life experiences, Charlie and Libby are continually in survival mode and their behaviours can be complex and challenging… The input we have had from both Amy [the Education Lead] and the Adoption Support team at PACT has been phenomenal and our lives are certainly better for it.”

*Names changed to protect identity