Adopter stories

PACT has been operating as an independent adoption charity since the 1950s and has helped to grow hundreds of families.

Many PACT families have agreed to share their adoption stories with us. Click on a family below to read their story or use the filter to search for particular family situations.

* Some names and details have been changed for confidentiality reasons

Michelle and Phil adopted their second child Charlie through the Foster for Adoption process

Michelle* and Phil* have a five-year-old adopted daughter, Mia*, and are now applying to adopt 21-month-old Charlie* who they have been fostering...

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Theresa adopted seven-year-old Sadie and Lara

Theresa* adopted Sadie*, who was seven years old, through PACT in 2014. Three years later she adopted seven-year-old Lara* through a local authority...

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Emma adopted Josh through PACT’s Foster for Adoption scheme

Emma* adopted Josh* through PACT in 2018 when he was nine-and-a-half months old following a Foster for Adoption placement...

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Same sex couple Jonny and Michael adopted brothers Harry and Leyton

Jonny* and his partner Michael* approached PACT following the advice of New Family Social, the UK network for LGBT+ adoptive and foster families...

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Melody, who is a vicar, adopted siblings aged seven and six

Melody*, who is a vicar, adopted two brothers, seven-year-old Harry* and Ethan*, six. She said: “I knew I had a lot of love to give children...

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Sandra and Rob became grandparents for the first time through adoption

Sandra* and Rob* became grandparents for the first time when their son George* and his partner Andrew* adopted siblings through PACT...

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George and Andrew adopted siblings Cait and Oliver

George* and Andrew* adopted siblings Cait* and Oliver*, aged eight and six, after first seeing PACT at Brighton Pride...

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Hope and Nigel adopted two sisters

Hope*, 44, and her husband Nigel*, 46, adopted sisters Summer* and Rachel* through PACT in October 2015. Summer was just under two-and-a-half years old and Rachel was 16 months old...

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Jill and Sean adopted William who has additional needs

Jill* and her husband Sean* adopted William*, who has a chromosome disorder and severe development delay, because of Jill's experience as a special needs teacher...

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Susan adopted nine-year-old Leyton

Susan* adopted nine-year-old Leyton* through PACT after seeing a poster appealing for adopters in the waiting room at her GP’s surgery...

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Colin and Margaret became grandparents again through adoption

Colin* and Margaret* became grandparents to two boys when they were adopted by the couple’s daughter and her partner...

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Tom and Connor adopted Kyle, who has autism

Tom* and Connor* adopted Kyle*, who has autism and a sensory processing disorder, when he was three years old...

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