Painting with Purpose

Inspirational artwork created by the women of Alana House

In the summer of 2022, Alana House service users took part in the Painting with Purpose project to learn how to create unique and meaningful artwork using an expressive, intuitive artistic process.

Professional artist Chrissie Hawkes led a series of sessions in which attendees learned how to use colour, texture and blending to create striking pieces of art. Starting with three primary colours – red, yellow and blue – each woman mixed their own paints and added light and dark to create a range of colours, tints and shades. Using a variety of textures and techniques such as scraping, scratching and stamping, they created beautiful intuitive designs which expressed their creativity.

High quality prints of the artwork are available to buy in our online shop. All proceeds from the prints go towards PACT’s work supporting people who have experienced trauma, abuse or disadvantages.

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One woman who took part in the project said:

“Making the art for me was something liberating, it enabled me to clear my mind and leave all my stress, worries and anxieties on that piece of canvas. You don’t always realise it at first, but when you become open to creativity, it enables you to find creative solutions for all your problems and situations.”

Another said:

“I find art therapeutic. I was able to turn something simple into a meaningful piece of art for others to enjoy and reflect upon.”