Looking for support?

To access any of the support offered by our BB4K programme for yourself or someone else, you will need make a referral. We are currently accepting referrals for children and parents living in Reading or West Berkshire.

Before you fill in our referral form, please make sure the following referral criteria are met:  

  • Children must have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse and be displaying challenging or withdrawn behaviour.
  • Children must be no older than 11.
  • Children must be able to acknowledge the hurt that has happened in their family and be able to talk about it.
  • Children must want to attend a BB4K programme; they cannot be forced to attend.
  • Parents/carers must be willing to support the child throughout the BB4K programme.
  • The perpetrator must have left the family home and be out of the relationship.

Click the button below to fill in our online referral form. You can make a referral for yourself or on behalf of a client you work with.

The BB4K team will be able to advise you on future support groups for children and parents or set up a new group for domestic abuse help if there is a wider need. If you need help making a referral, please contact our team at BB4K@pactcharity.org.

BB4K referral form