Meet the Alana House team

Our team are all experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about supporting women to make positive changes in their lives and achieve their goals.

To contact the team, please call 0118 921 7640 or email


Alana House Manager


“Alana House is a precious and important resource for many vulnerable women in our community. I am very proud to be part of the team, the professionalism, compassion and supportive approaches demonstrated by the staff at Alana House make a real difference in empowering women to change their lives.”


Alana House Team Leader

“I feel very honoured to be the Team Leader at Alana House. We are a ‘small team that does a big job’ in terms of empowering women, via a trauma informed approach, to make sustainable and positive changes to their lives.  Alana House is very fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteers without which we would not be able to provide the level of support or activities to our service users.”


Alana House Administrator


“What I enjoy about my role is meeting new people each day and seeing how the Alana House team make an impact on people’s lives.”


Family Support Worker


“I enjoy my role at Alana House as I get to be part of a supportive journey alongside women who are experiencing complex needs. I get to see them improve their lives and accomplish positive changes”


Support Worker


“I enjoy supporting people to overcome their barriers and help them to see their true potential to the point where they no longer require support services anymore.”


Support Worker


“I enjoy my role at Alana House as I love the sense of community at the centre and seeing women from all different backgrounds and cultures coming together to empower each other and make positive changes to their lives.“


Support Worker

“I enjoy helping women find their voice and in doing so have their voices heard. To empower them to gain increased control over their lives and take planned steps forward that enable them to reach their full potential with a heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence.”


Support Worker

“Hands down my favourite part of my role is seeing a woman for the first (or in a long!) time achieve something or discover an opportunity she never thought was possible or open to her. To sit in a room with a woman who feels more in control of her life and her choices is a total privilege.”


Communities Database Officer


“I like working with databases and compiling reports that show the fantastic achievements of the communities services and the impact of the work that my colleagues do!”


Counselling volunteer


Counselling volunteer


Counselling volunteer



“Alana House is an amazing place that provides such an incredible service to the women and I feel so proud to be part of a brilliant team.”





“I enjoy working with people and this is an opportunity to join an organisation making a difference to a wide variety of children, families and vulnerable women. I have always felt welcome and valued.”



“Alana House is one of those rare places that means a lot to everybody who is involved with it – members of staff, users of the service and volunteers.”


Baking volunteer

“It has been really rewarding seeing the women learning new skills in the kitchen. I am so pleased with how willing they have been to try new things and how quickly they picked up techniques which they could then go on to recreate with their families.”

Volunteering At Alana House Reading

PACT is enormously grateful for the time, skills and talents given freely by the range of volunteers working with us today. The families we work with and the whole workforce benefit from the life experience and generosity that our volunteers bring to their work. 

“From the get-go, getting to know service users and being able to understand their needs and then learning how best to support them was one of the most enjoyable aspects. Volunteering with PACT taught me more than I ever expected it to. I believe that equally these clients helped me develop and learn as much as I helped them. It was the perfect way to spend my time and I valued every minute of it. “ An Alana House volunteer 

Our volunteering opportunities at Alana House Reading include roles supporting women with specific skills, for example opening a bank account, supporting with group work and we are particularly keen to hear from women with lived experience who feel that are in a place where they are able to support others.

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