Empowering women from crop to cup

Alana House coffee

Inspired by the success of their community café, Alana House has teamed up with Anonymous Coffee and Falcon Coffees to produce their own limited edition coffee and support a project close to their heart, the Girls Gotta Run project, while learning valuable skills in the process.

Our 100% single origin Ethiopian coffee is now available to buy in our online shop.

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Why are we making coffee?

Girls in Ethiopia only have a 5% chance of completing school and Alana House would like to help change this. As girls in Ethiopia enter adolescence, they face a wide range of issues that make them more likely to drop out of school. Some of these issues, such as financial struggles, health issues, caring responsibilities, sexual harassment and assault, are similar to the challenges faced by women seeking support at Alana House.

Girls Gotta Run is a project working to fund education for girls to help them stay in school to improve their futures. Through their athletic scholarship programme, Girls Gotta Run uses the sport of running to create safe spaces which allow girls to avoid child marriage and access secondary education, while also providing support with life skills and giving financial advice and training to mothers.

About our coffee

Women from Alana House worked with Anonymous Coffee to learn how to select and roast coffee beans.

The process involved selecting the coffee bean and the roast profile, and they chose a single origin organic Ethiopian coffee produced by Mustafa Abba Keno on his small holding in Agaro, Jimma in western Ethiopia. The varieties grown are 74110, 74112 and Heirloom and they were naturally processed in Mustafas’s Kabira drying station. The coffee stood out as being the most smooth and balanced of those tested with a good body and a pleasant milk chocolate and sweet fruit flavour.

The women then assisted with the design of the label and helped to roast and pack the beans, seeing the project through from start to finish. The final product is available to buy in our shop as whole beans, or in the Anonymous Coffee store as ground coffee.

The proceeds made from this project will be split between the Girls Gotta Run project, which will fund a girl to stay in education for a year, and Alana House, to support the community café.

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