Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion 

As a voluntary adoption agency and a charity supporting vulnerable women, children and families, Parents And Children Together – PACT – strives to uphold anti-racist values.

PACT has a long and successful history of finding families for children from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and is fully committed to anti-discriminatory practice. However, the Black Lives Matter movement has caused us to pause and reflect and challenge ourselves to do more; to listen, learn and take action, acknowledging our individual and collective responsibility to tackle racism and discrimination wherever we find it.  

PACT is committed to offering adoption services which recognise the intrinsic worth of every child, family member and colleague, and the validity of their experience. We will work to ensure these values are translated into action to give all minority ethnic communities confidence in the respect, care and consideration they will receive from PACT, to recognise the impact of racism on their lives and the validity of all the experiences and emotions they bring to adoption.

We are supporting our workforce to increase our understanding of the impact of discrimination and address the lack of diversity in both the leadership and wider workforce so that adopters of all ethnicities can see their experiences reflected in those who support them through their adoption journey.

We have reviewed our PACT equality and diversity policy to ensure it provides the right organisational challenge and protections for all who work for and with PACT.

Download our Equality and Diversity policy