Adoption support

PACT understands that all adopters and their children will need support from time to time. We want to help you to help your children develop to their full potential, so we provide a range of support services for adopters and their children.

Our specialist support services include our online Children And Trauma Community Hub (CATCH), our Strengthening Families Team of therapeutically-trained social workers, our FACTS therapeutic support service, specialist education support for families and schools and an extensive range of adoption training courses, workshops and activity sessions for parents and children.

To view our full range of support services, see our Adoption Support Passport here.

If you are unsure which support service is right for you, please email our team on or call 0300 456 4800 and select option 3.

Our Children And Trauma Community Hub (CATCH) is dedicated to providing online support, learning opportunities and information for both adopters and professionals working with adoptive families.

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FACTS Therapeutic Support

Some children have experienced complex trauma prior to being placed for adoption. PACT’s specialist Family and Children Therapeutic Support (FACTS) service is tailored to meet the needs of individual children and young adults traumatised by their early experiences. The FACTS service supports children and their families to help them achieve their full potential.

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Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families team is made up of PACT’s in-house therapeutically-trained social workers who can offer a speedy response to adoptive families who need support. This can include support with preparing for placement, managing difficult behaviours, assisting with adoption support fund applications, assessing support needs and liaising with other professionals.

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Adopter Champions

PACT has a team of adoptive parents trained to provide mentoring and support for families during the adoption process and after placement. Our adopter champions have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the adoption process the joys and challenges of raising adopted children.

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Education Support

PACT’s specialist education service supports families to help them meet their child’s unique educational needs. Our PACT Education Lead can provide support, advice and training to parents and to any type of school and its professionals who have a PACT adoptive child on roll.

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Children’s guides

PACT has created booklets to help adopted children understand what support is available to them, how PACT fits in to their adoption journey and where to go if they ever need help. There are two guides available depending on the child’s age group.

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