PACT vision and values

Our vision is to deliver high quality services to build and strengthen an increasing number of children and families. This vision shapes everything that we do, and is reflected in our hallmarks of quality, expertise and innovation. 

We have achieved leadership in the voluntary adoption sector, both in quality, endorsed by an outstanding Ofsted judgement, and also quantity, by growing the number of adoptive families and loving homes for children. 

We apply the same vision to shape, and grow, our communities projects providing quality services and successful outcomes for women and children in need of support. 

We know that our reputation is only as good as our workforce, and place great emphasis on training and developing our staff, including introducing a coaching culture. This ensures that quality is maintained through our investment in the continuing professional development of our employees in all areas of the organisation. The role of volunteers is also highly important and significant in the support and delivery of our services. 

Our goal is to ensure that we can continue to deliver additional and improved services in the future, and therefore we continue to ensure a sound financial platform, to achieve this. 

We know that our evolving vision has guided us well over the years and will do so for the future so that we can continue to build and strengthen the families we work with. 

Image of our PACT value statements

Our values 

Our shared values drive everything that we do.  

We are PROFESSIONAL in our service delivery. This is demonstrated by: 

  • the results we deliver for PACT, for the children and families we support and for our partner organisations
  • the respect we show to our service users and to our internal and external colleagues, irrespective of differences
  • the energy we show in delivering quality services to our high standards for all our different professions 

We are committed to maintaining a POSITIVE ATTITUDE that sets us apart. We achieve this by: 

  • keeping an open mind and  choosing to see the good possibilities of a situation
  • accepting change as vital to our efficiency and growth
  • actively seeking to recruit and reach individuals from diverse backgrounds in both our workforce and service users
  • doing what we say we will do and supporting each other with care and with confidence

We are INNOVATIVE in the way we approach our work.  For us this means: 

  • we encourage and support our colleagues in identifying and developing opportunities to try out new things
  • we continuously work to ensure all staff and volunteers play an important part in influencing the culture and practice of PACT, valuing input from diverse backgrounds and communities 
  • we consistently take actions that ensure PACT remains a pioneering organisation, always at the forefront in our areas of expertise 
  • we develop and extend PACT’s influence into new areas

We genuinely DESIRE TO HELP OTHERS.  We strive to make a positive difference for the people whose lives we influence by: 

  • seeking to place children in safe and caring family environments through our adoption service 
  • working closely with our adopters to provide lifelong support
  • empowering and supporting women through Alana House women’s community project
  • supporting families who have been affected by domestic abuse through our Bounce Back for Kids programme
  • working in partnership with those who use our services and being honest and open in all we do
  • listening and responding flexibly to the individual needs of service users and colleagues