PACT Adopter Champions

PACT appreciates how wonderful parenting can be but also how challenging it can be at times and how sometimes adoptive parents need some extra support or insight into understanding the needs of their children. 

PACT has recruited and trained an amazing team of adoptive parents as support practitioners. They have in-depth knowledge of the issues a family may face and are PACT’s “experts by experience” – parents who have adopted children and have built up a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of the joys and challenges of raising adopted children. 

Adopter champions are not social workers or counsellors but they are here to offer other adopters and prospective adopters one-off or regular support on a range of issues, including: 

  • Adopting siblings or older children
  • Single parent adoption or LGBTQ+ parenting
  • Transitions and support and strategies for settling in a child
  • Behavioural support and strategies to help with eating, sleeping, ‘tantrums’, aggression, anxiety, regression and other behaviours that are deemed as challenging
  • Helping parents to understand their children’s own story including how to talk with children about their story and how to revisit this at different ages
  • Supporting parents with navigating educational support in nursery and school settings or as part of education other than at school (EOTAS)
  • Accessing funding for your child or children

They can also make referrals to PACT’s FACTS and Strengthening Families teams to help you access other types of support and advice if you need it. 

PACT is here to support you at every stage of your journey. 

If you would like support from our adopter champions, you can speak to your social worker or contact our team at where you will be put in touch with the most appropriate adopter champion. 

Meet our adopter champions!

Megan, Adopter Champion Team Leader

Megan is married to Charles and has two sons, her birth son is aged 23 and her adopted son is aged 21. She has 15 years’ experience of adoption and brings with her 16 years’ experience of setting up support services that make a real impact on those supported.


“Adoption has challenged the way I saw parenting and took me on one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys as I learned to develop an individual relationship with each child and to implement therapeutic parenting strategies that worked. This enabled my children to navigate life, its obstacles and hurdles and develop into young adults who are overcomers, well rounded and confident in who they are.”


Mark with his husband Laurence adopted a sibling group eight years ago, a brother and sister who are now 13 and 14 years old. Mark is a specialist teacher for looked after/adopted children and teaches within the special educational sector, and he can assist you in navigating the education system. He can also help in answering questions and providing support for LGBTQIA+ and sibling adoption.


“Having two children move in with us and become their parents has been completely life-changing. Despite the challenges and hurdles along the way, every day we are thankful for the joys that our children bring to our lives and those magic moments of being proud parents.”


Sue is married to Jim and she has nine adopted children. Her children are aged between 18 and 38 and she has 29 years of adoption experience.


“Adoption has been the most amazing roller-coaster of ups and downs that has taught me so much. Even when things are tough I try to focus on the end game of helping my children to heal and become well-adjusted, functioning and happy adults. I have learned that this journey is a marathon, not a sprint and that as a family we can achieve much. I am happy to support adopters as they navigate their journey, however challenging it might be.”


Beth is married to Lee and became an adoptive parent 18 years ago to two sons, who are full siblings, now aged 26 and 24. She has taught in secondary schools for the past 32 years and has extensive experience of working with teenagers. Beth can offer support to families who are adopting older children and siblings who have experienced early trauma.


“Becoming an adoptive parent has been the most profound experience which has redefined my understanding of what it means to be human.  There are many challenges that all those on an adoption journey need to overcome, but the rewards of nurturing our children into adulthood and independence put all those hard times into perspective.”

Lisa, Paul and their son Timmy received support from PACT’s Adopter Champion service after Timmy was experiencing issues at home and in school.

Lisa said: “Without a doubt I would recommend the Adopter Champion service. It has truly saved my family! We now have a wonderful little boy who enjoys spending time with his family, and comes to us for comfort. At home now we are not just surviving, we are thriving.”

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Families who received support from the Adopter Champion service said…

The work of our adopter champions is further enhanced by a pool of volunteer adoption peer supporters, who are able to provide more experience from which to draw upon and support prospective and existing adopters on their journey. 

If you would like support from our adopter champions or to speak to a volunteer peer supporter, you can speak to your social worker or contact our team at

You can download a flyer about our adopter champions here

PACT is grateful to The National Lottery Community Fund for funding that supports the cost of providing the Adopter Champions service