PACT was founded by the Bishop of Oxford in 1911 and is proud of its roots in the Christian church. We welcome the opportunity to work with churches of all faiths to help support our work with vulnerable families, women and children. 

If your church is interested in partnering at PACT please contact our Fundraising team.

Here are some of the churches that have supported PACT. 

All Saints Church Wokingham 

All Saints Church Wokingham has worked closely with PACT to help us to recruit adoptive families. They displayed posters and leaflets, included a PACT article in their service book and parish magazine, as well as hosted a talk by a PACT expert. 

All Saints Wokingham have given generously to PACT both in terms of donating funds to support local vulnerable families and also by attending special events such as the therapy room launch in Reading and the royal visit to celebrate over 100 years of PACT. Members of All Saints Wokingham also say a daily prayer for PACT. 

St Luke’s, Maidenhead 

St Luke’s is closely connected to PACT. Rev Sally Lynch, Vicar of St Luke’s, said: “St Luke’s is proud to support PACT through volunteering, giving and activities within our parish community. I would encourage other Churches to become a PACT Parish.” 

The Beaconsfield Team Ministry 

The Beaconsfield Team Ministry is made up of the Churches of St Mary & All Saints, St Thomas’s and St Michael’s & All Angels. 

Rev Jeremy Holder, Vicar of St Mary and All Saints, said: “We are very proud to support PACT as part of our charitable giving programme. Our congregation are keen to support a cause that benefits the local community and is strongly aligned to our giving criteria including having Christian foundation and accountability. I know from personal experiences the value of post-adoption support and how this can often help to prevent a placement breaking down which can be traumatic for both the child and the parents. We would encourage other churches to join PACT Parishes and together help more children to thrive in loving and stable families.” 

St Peter’s, Didcot 

St Peter’s is a longstanding supporter of PACT. The church holds charity quiz nights for PACT, include PACT stories in their newsletter to raise awareness of the work we do, and remembers us in their prayers and services. 

For St Peter’s, supporting PACT through prayer, giving and volunteering is a way for the parish to serve their local community in line with their Christian values and faith. Being a PACT supporter ensures that St Peter’s is informed about developments in PACT projects and about how their support is making a difference to local children and families. 

All Saints’ Church, Sutton Courtenay 

The Priest-in-Charge of All Saints’ Church, Sutton Courtenay, Rev Helen Kendrick, and her husband, Christopher, adopted two children with PACT in 2009 so the parish has experienced at first hand the amazing work that PACT does through its adoption services. 

Rev Helen said:  “Over Christmas 2012 the Church raised £684 from carol singing around the village and from the annual Torchlight Procession held on Christmas Eve where hundreds of people process through the village and gather around a bonfire in the Churchyard to sing Christmas Carols.”  

All Saints Ascot 

PACT has benefitted hugely from the support of All Saints Ascot. The church has kindly donated to PACT for several years following their gift service. All Saints Ascot has also joined PACT in the mission to help recruit permanent loving homes for the thousands of children currently in care.