Children And Trauma Community Hub – CATCH

The Children And Trauma Community Hub (formerly The Adopter Hub) is an online platform providing support to adopters, foster carers, special guardians and the professionals that work with them.

CATCH was developed by PACT as a result of listening to adopters, foster carers and special guardians and working with them to provide accessible tools to empower them to access the support they need.  

Our team is dedicated to providing tailored support, learning opportunities and information for families, schools and practitioners. 

All PACT adoptive families have free access to CATCH once they begin the process to become approved adopters. Other adoption agencies and local authorities can also purchase subscriptions to CATCH for their own adopters and practitioners. 

If you are a PACT adopter and you have not logged in before, please click here to request a login and set up your account. 


Watch this short video to find out what CATCH offers adopters:

All adopters and special guardians who log in to CATCH are able to access: 

  • One-to-one live webchat – online peer support from our trained Adopter Peer Supporters 
  • A private forum for adopters to chat anonymously to one another or ask questions to our team of experts 

All users have access to: 

  • Our specially developed 12 module eLearning course, ‘Introduction to Attachment’ 
  • Frequent live webinars from experts such as Louise Bomber covering important topics requested by users such as trauma, attachment, behaviour, race, parenting and more, as well as a library of past webinar recordings 
  • Resources covering a wide range of subjects and advice on a variety of key topics for adopters such as education, behaviour and physical and mental wellbeing 

In addition, we offer specialist resources for schools and practitioners such as: 

  • Dedicated webinars for practitioners on topics to support their work with adopters 
  • An eLearning package specifically for education professionals working with adopted children in the classroom 
  • Resources on a wide range of topics to support adoptive families such as support around trauma and transitions 
  • (Education professionals and practitioners do not have access to the forum or the webchat service as these are confidential services for adopters only) 

We have also created tailored resources for special guardians, who often face similar challenges to adoptive parents. Special guardians who have subscriptions to CATCH can access: 

  • Tailored resources about key topics such as finance, wellbeing, support in school and how to approach contact with birth families 
  • Specialist webinars from our experts and a library of past webinar recordings 
  • A private special guardian forum to provide the opportunity to chat anonymously to other special guardians