FACTS – Family And Children Therapeutic Support

We know that many of the challenges encountered by adoptive families can stem from their children’s adverse early life experiences.

Because of these, adopted children can often have difficulties in trusting adults and forming healthy relationships within their new permanent families.  

Our FACTS service reflects PACT’s commitment to provide the support that our amazing adopters and their children need to stay together and thrive.

Our FACTS offer includes a wide range of therapeutic clinical assessments and therapies. The FACTS therapeutic model is firmly based on theory, research and practice models within the complex trauma/attachment perspective. Our therapy choices can therefore be really helpful for adoptive families.

The types of therapies that can be accessed via FACTS is diverse and can include clinical psychology and psychotherapy services plus other therapy services.

Services such as Theraplay®, DDP, therapeutic life journey work, creative therapies such as art, play and drama as well as sensory integration therapy and therapeutic parenting support packages.

We also provide some specific adoption training programmes for adoptive parents and potential adoptive parents.

All of our FACTS adoption therapists are registered with their own professional body and have had the required robust range of HR checks completed in order to comply with the requirements of providing services under the Adoption Support Service Regulations 2005.

Who can benefit from FACTS? 

Our FACTS services are available to adopted children/young people of all ages and their families. The Adoption Support Fund can currently provide funding to meet the support needs of eligible children and young people aged up to and including the age of 21 years. For older adopted children who have a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Statement or a Education Health Care (EHC) Plan – funds can be sought for them right up to the age of 25. 

The FACTS service is also available, if needed, to families who attend PACT’s community projects. 

In 2022 the FACTS service supported 182 families by providing targeted therapeutic support, resulting in more families staying together and increasing the longer-term positive outcomes for these children and their families. 

How does FACTS work? 

All of our services are tailored to closely meet the needs of each individual child/young person and their adoptive family. We always try to take a holistic approach and work with parents, children and families, both individually and together. 
With your agreement we can liaise directly with the local authority or regional adoption agency in your area to help you secure ASF funding for the FACTS service your family needs. 

Where does the therapeutic adoption support take place? 

The therapy may take place in the family home, at the PACT therapy room in Reading or at the therapist’s own premises. Sometimes therapy services can take place within a child’s school setting. Sessions can also be provided virtually. 

We also run an attachment focused parenting course. To find out more about this see our adoption training page. 

Find out more about FACTS and whether this is the right adoption support for your family please contact us at adoptionsupport@pactcharity.org