Blog: Black History Month

By Grace Gomez, PACT’s Adopter Diversity Recruitment Officer

October is an important month here at PACT as we look forward to celebrating Black History Month.

Black History Month is a wonderful opportunity to share, celebrate and acknowledge the impact of Black heritage and culture in our society.

Here at PACT, we welcome a diverse range of people interested in becoming a parent through adoption to reflect our society and the children waiting for a permanent, loving home and this month we are particularly celebrating Black adoption.

Children of Black, mixed and minority ethnic heritage often wait the longest to be adopted. We are particularly looking for people of Black Caribbean, African or dual heritage to enable children to be matched with adoptive parents who they can identify with.

This Black History Month we are shining the spotlight on all aspects of Black adoption. We will be hearing from some of our Black adopters about their experiences of the adoption process and life as a family since their children came home.

PACT adopters Hope* and Nigel*, who are of Black British, Guyanese and Jamaican heritage adopted two sisters. Hope said she felt that identity should be given careful consideration when matching children with adoptive parents. Her daughters now attend a local school where there is a mix of cultures and ethnicities.

“I am Black and grew up in this country, but I went to a school where I was one of only four Black children and I vividly remember feeling that there is no-one else here who looks like me, which is not nice, especially when you’re 11 or 12 and you don’t want to be different from your friends.

“My parents were really proud of who they are and where they came from, and they raised us in a way that made identity important, so very quickly I learned to be proud of who I was.

“I just think that in their lives, my girls will have 101 extra things to deal with because they are adopted, so if any issues over identity can be minimised then that can only be a positive thing. For me I am absolutely determined to do what I can to make my girls proud of who they are and I know I can help them with that.”

PACT Social Worker Nadine Williams said, ‘We are looking for a variety to people from all walks of like to adopt.  You can be single or married in a same sex relationship or heterosexual relationship. Our main focus is that adopters can offer a secure, loving and stable home.”

If you feel you have what it takes to become an adopter with PACT and change a child’s life, please take a look at PACT’s Guide to Adoption.

Why not call our friendly enquiries team on 0300 456 4800 to find out more. Lines are open 10am-5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and 10am-1pm on Saturday. You can also request we call or email you by completing our enquiry form.

Have a great Black History Month!

*Names changed for confidentiality purposes