Here’s what other people said

Of the 28 people we asked…

15 said they remember wearing their uniform

16 said they remember saying goodbye to their mum or dad

16 said they remember sitting in assembly

17 said they remember eating their school lunch

Lots of people remember feeling nervous and excited for their first day of primary or secondary school.

But for children who have grown up with abuse, neglect or loss, adjusting to a new school can be very difficult.

At PACT we believe every child deserves a chance to reach their potential.

We work with children, parents and schools to give children like Charlie* and Libby* the support they need.

Charlie and Libby, aged eight and seven, were adopted through PACT a few years ago. They were struggling in school and their mum reached out to PACT for support. She said: “Due to their early life experiences, Charlie and Libby are continually in survival mode and their behaviours can be complex and challenging.”

PACT’s Adoption Support team started working with the family and since then, things have been getting better for Charlie and Libby. Their mum said: “I am so grateful to [PACT’s Education Lead] for the invaluable advice that she has given us over the last couple of years as my son’s educational needs have become increasingly apparent. The input we have had from both [the Education Lead] and the Adoption Support team at PACT has been phenomenal and our lives are certainly better for it.”

Could you help more children like Charlie and Libby?

£10 could pay for materials to help a child affected by domestic abuse explore their feelings through play therapy

£18 could pay for school staff to receive an education toolkit and advice from our Education Lead on supporting adopted children in school

£35 could pay for a peer support call for a family with an adopted child struggling with school transitions, delivered by a trained Adopter Champion

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*Names changed to protect identities