Bounce Back 4 Kids By PACT Charity

What is BB4K?

Bounce Back 4 Kids (BB4K) is a support programme developed by PACT that uses therapeutic techniques to support children who have been victims or witnesses of domestic abuse. The programme works with the children and their parents or carers to come to terms with experiencing family breakdowns with family therapy and domestic abuse help.

The programme consists of support groups, for children, run concurrently with parent support groups.

Aims of BB4K

The BB4K programme has a number of key aims:

  • To help break the cycle of domestic abuse
  • To raise children’s self-esteem and to give them an opportunity to explore and express their feelings through fun, child-focussed activities, in a safe therapeutic way
  • To improve children’s school attendance and learning and development

The programme has had a huge impact on (my child). He is reflecting more on the choices he makes and he understands how to manage his feelings


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