Bobby, eight-year-old volunteer

Bobby, aged eight, volunteered to help PACT create support materials for its domestic abuse recovery work.

Bobby’s mum Panda is the service lead for PACT’s Bounce Back 4 Kids programme. The programme supports families who are recovering from the trauma of domestic abuse to help them heal and move forward. This work includes online support as well as in-person groups.

In February 2023, Panda’s son Bobby kindly helped PACT create a series of child-friendly resources to help children understand their experiences, feel safe and learn new ways to manage their emotions.

With help from the PACT team, Bobby expertly recorded three resources: he provided the voiceover for a cartoon explaining domestic abuse to children, he filmed a butterfly hug activity video to help children learn to feel safe and regulate their emotions, and he read a story book together with his mum to encourage children to share their worries.

Bobby said:

“I enjoyed making the films. I was nervous but it was fun, especially the butterfly hug. I am glad and proud I am helping other children share worries and be happy.”

Thank you Bobby; you are a PACT superstar!

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