BB4K Groups and Support for ages 5-11

Bounce Back 4 Kids (BB4K) is a support programme developed by Parents And Children Together (PACT) for children and parents who have been affected by or witnessed domestic abuse. We cover Reading and West Berkshire.

The programme helps children aged 5-11 years and their non-abusive parent to come to terms with experiencing family breakdowns. The BB4K programme consists of a 6-10 week children’s course and parent’s course run simultaneously by trained professionals.

The aim of the children’s course is to raise children’s self-esteem and to give them an opportunity to explore and express their feelings through fun, child-focussed activities, in a safe therapeutic way. The aim of the parent’s course is to empower them and validate their parental role.

*Please note: BB4K groups and support sessions available at this time vary due to restrictions and governement guidelines in relation to COVID-19. Some virtual support is available for parents - find out more about our virtual support here.*

BB4K also offers play therapy to help children explore their feelings, express themselves and make sense of their life experiences. Play is children’s natural medium to learn, communicate and to explore their worlds. Conventional talking therapies may be inappropriate for children and young people who struggle to put their feelings into words. Play therapy allows children the opportunity to explore and understand these feelings through play at their own pace without interrogation or judgement. Play therapy sessions are led by the child with no direction by the therapist around any particular subject.

If you would like to know more about the support BB4K can offer, please get in touch with a member of the BB4K team at


About the children's course

The BB4K children’s course helps children to address issues such as volatile behaviour, understanding what to do to keep themselves safe, improve attendance and learning in schools, as well as helping them to make positive choices in the future.

The children’s course helps children in so many ways and contributes towards breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and ensuring children can have a safe future.

Each week focuses on a different topic designed to empower and facilitate the healing process of children.

This is what other children said they enjoyed about taking part in BB4K:

“I liked playing with the play dough”

“The volcano was epic”

“I loved the chocolate game”

“The parachute games were fun”

“I made new friends”

“Thank you for letting me come to talk about my feelings, play games and have lots of fun. I wish we could all come again!” 


About the parents' course

What makes BB4K so successful is that the parent’s course runs simultaneously with the children’s course and focuses on the same topics that the children are learning each week.

This enables the adult to understand what their child is learning and reinforce this in the home environment. It encourages them to look at domestic abuse through the eyes of the children and continue practicing the techniques they have learned for long–term benefits to the child.

Children whose parents take part in the course and who use the techniques at home have an enhanced therapeutic experience as their involvement is invaluable towards supporting their children.

Often people who have been in abusive relationships have had their parenting undermined and their confidence and self worth diminished. Therefore rebuilding the bond between parent and child is a key goal in moving forward with the healing process for both of them.

The parent’s course provides opportunities for parents to become less isolated and no longer feel like they are the only one, and they also gain a greater understanding of how best to support their children.

If parents are given the opportunity to be heard, believed and to be able to express their feelings, then they are more able to support their children in the same way.


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