Who do you call in a time of crisis?

A loved one? A friend? What if there is no one you can call?

What if you need advice or support from a specialist?

For the families who have adopted through PACT whose children may have suffered abuse, neglect or loss in their early lives, the women who come to Alana House seeking support at difficult times in their lives, and the parents and children healing from the trauma of domestic abuse, we are there in times of crisis. Our team of therapeutically trained social workers and expert support workers are at the end of a phone to listen and to support.

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Julie* had fled from her abusive partner and was living in a new town with her six-year-old son Harry*. Harry was struggling to settle into his new school; he was withdrawn and unable to engage with his teachers and classmates. At home he would have bouts of aggression towards his mother.

Julie didn’t know where to seek help but heard about PACT’s Bounce Back 4 Kids service through a domestic abuse organisation. She was referred to BB4K and Harry attended a 10-week group where he learned how to deal with what he had witnessed, how to express his feelings and how to build healthy relationships. Julie attended the parents course to understand the abuse through Harry’s eyes, to support her parenting role and to help her support Harry’s recovery from the trauma he had experienced.

PACT was there for Julie in her time of crisis

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For more than 100 years, PACT has been building and strengthening families and supporting every single one of them in times of crisis.

PACT creates families through adoption and provides specialist adoption support to all its families for life. PACT also supports and empowers women who face multiple disadvantages to make positive changes to their lives through its Alana House Community Project and supports children to heal from the trauma of domestic abuse through its Bounce Back 4 Kids programme.

PACT is a non-profit making charity that relies on fundraising and donations to be able to provide its vital trauma-informed support to families, women and children.

Give £5 today to help people in crisis

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*Names changed to protect identities