How we make a difference

Alana House

In 2022-23 at Alana House…

We supported


women through groups, courses, café drop-in sessions or one-to-one support


referrals were received

Artwork created by women through the Painting with Purpose project


one-to-one keywork sessions were attended by




group sessions were attended by




counselling sessions were attended by




cafe drop in sessions were held

The highest needs of women at the time of referral were

Mental health (74%)

Experience with domestic abuse and rape (64%)

Children and families (50%)

Highest needs at referral

Percentage of women who recorded a positive or sustained improvement in each area of need:

Attitudes thinking and behaviour
Children families and relationships
Domestic abuse and rape
Drugs and alcohol
Employment training and education
Finance debt and benefits
Mental health
Physical health
Sex work

More achievements from Alana House…

  • 13 women engaged with the Enrich programme
  • 61 women received support through donations, food parcels and referrals to foodbanks
  • 499 hours of group support and 1088 hours of one-to-one support were provided
  • 250 days was the average length of time a woman engaged with Alana House

“Since working at Alana House, I have attended a number of groups which have helped me learn new skills in coping with my personal life struggles and situations.”

“It is hard to describe the amount of support [my support worker] has given me over the past year. I had a deep mistrust of professionals when first engaging with Alana House and it is to [her] credit that she is one of the few professionals that I trust.” 

“Without the support from Alana House and support from [my support worker], I know that I probably would not be here right now and I certainly wouldn’t have my daughter with me.”