Black and minority ethnicity adoption

Children of Black, mixed and minority ethnic heritage often wait the longest to be adopted. We are particularly looking for adopters of Black Caribbean, African or dual heritage to enable children to be matched with adopters who they can identify with culturally, visually and emotionally.

PACT is looking for a range of adopters from all backgrounds, and welcomes single adopters as well as couples and is actively recruiting adopters from the LGBT+ community.

Rated outstanding by Ofsted, PACT offers unrivalled post-adoption support including our online support community The Adopter Hub and award winning therapeutic support service FACTS. 

To find out more about adopting with PACT, download an adoption guide.

If you'd like to have an informal chat about starting your adoption process, you can speak to one of PACT's Enquiries Officers. They can give you some more information, answer any questions you may have and book you onto a PACT Adoption Information Event where you will hear a bit more about the adoption process from PACT social workers and a PACT adopter will share their story.

Our Enquiries Line is open 10am-5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and 10am-1pm on Saturday. You can also fill in our enquiry form here.

Adopter stories

Emma and Fahmi are a mixed race couple who chose to adopt after having a birth child.

After adopting their son, who is of dual heritage, their daughter said how much she loved finally having someone in the family who looked like her.

Emma and Fahmi said: 

“This comment has stayed with us. We had never thought of her feeling so different but when we thought about it, all her family members were either white or black. It was lovely for her to feel that she had someone else the same as her and I think this has made her bond with her little brother that much stronger.”

Read their case study


This film features Marcia and Ian who adopted two sisters through PACT. 


More case studies from Black and minority ethnic families:

Ruth and Oli adopted their daughter Saffy in 2018 Marcia and Ian adopted two sisters of Carribean heritage

Eddie and Jody are an interracial couple who adopted two boys Zena, who is of mixed white New Zealand and Maori heritage, adopted Rico with her husband Jamie

In this video, PACT's Adopter Diversity Recruitment Officer Grace Gomez speaks about her role reaching out to specific communities and encouraging more people to consider adoption.



  • Can I speak to someone who adopted with PACT?  PACT has an adopter champion who adopted a BME sibling group of two children who is available to speak to prospective adopters.
  • What adoption support is available if I adopt with PACT?  PACT is dedicated to supporting our families through the lifetime of their adoption journeys.  We offer specialist adoption support and therapeutic services through our Strengthening Families Team and our award winning Family And Children Therapeutic Support (FACTS) service. The Adoption Support Fund is also available for the emotional and behavioural needs for children placed up to and after an adoption order is made. As well as this adopted children have priority in the adopter's school of choice.
  • Does PACT have experience of placing children of BME heritage with adopters?  PACT has assessed families for BME children from a wide range of background and is experienced in this type of adoption assessment, matching and placement for such families
  • Will the process take a long time?  PACT is committed to reducing the adoption waiting time for ‘priority children’ of BME heritage waiting for adopters and will work with prospective adopters to ensure the assessment process is as efficient as possible.