BB4K receives funding as part of plan to transform domestic abuse services

PACT’s Bounce Back 4 Kids (BB4K) programme is to receive funding as part of a national five year plan to transform domestic abuse services.

Shocking figures from Foundations, the country’s leading research centre for family support services, reveal that more children could suffer domestic abuse than start primary school in England and Wales this year.

Most support for child victims has not been evaluated, so we are currently operating in the dark for the 1 in 5 children who are victims of domestic abuse.

Foundations has launched REACH, a 5-year plan to find out what works and transform domestic abuse services. This could make England the first country in the world to identify a set of proven approaches to support child victims.

BB4K is one of six programmes that are being funded and evaluated as part of REACH.

Bounce Back 4 Kids (BB4K) is a therapeutically informed support programme developed by Parents And Children Together (PACT) that uses therapeutic style techniques to support children who have experienced and are needing to heal from the trauma of domestic abuse. The programme predominantly uses group sessions for children aged 3-11 and their non-perpetrating parents or carers who have experienced domestic abuse.

Kathryn Warner. PACT’s Director of Community Services and Development said: 

“Our Bounce Back 4 Kids programme empowers children and families to recover from the impact of domestic abuse and prevents re-victimisation through the provision of trauma informed, holistic support services. 

“This generous funding from Foundations allows us to gather evidence of the lasting impact of our work and demonstrate the real difference it makes to families. 

“We are thrilled that this funding enables us to expand our services and reach more children and survivors of abuse to give them the support they need.”