How We Help With Domestic Abuse Support

BB4K is a step towards breaking the cycle of domestic abuse. Parents, carers and children alike are given a chance to reflect and think about how their behaviour is affected due to the circumstances they have experienced.

The domestic abuse help programme is designed to empower and facilitate the healing process of children through gaining new tools to help process feelings and emotions. Anticipated outcomes include:

  • A safer home environment for the child and family
  • Building strong relationships between parent and child
  • Boosting confidence levels
  • Improving communication skills
  • Improved behaviour and better anger management
  • Better school attendance and educational outcomes

With the correct effective domestic abuse support in place for the parent and for the child, we can build resilience, help to keep the family safe, educate them from entering into another abusive relationship in the future and help the healing process so that families have the best chance of improving their lives.