Alana House

Welcome to Alana House, PACT’s community project for women, which has its main centre in Reading and offers outreach services across Thames Valley (for more information about these services please see our Building Family Bridges page.)

Alana House is an innovative women’s community solution that uses a holistic approach to support women by empowering them to take control of their lives, make informed decisions and improve their life chances.

Alana House Reading opened in April 2010, adopting the recommendations from the Corston Report, which identified the key criminogenic pathways for women and the different approach needed to support them. Initially established to support women offenders in the community, Alana House has developed over the years to support any vulnerable and distressed women with complex needs within the local community.

As of autumn 2015 the primary focus of the service is to provide early intervention and prevention support for vulnerable women and those at risk of offending.

Alana House aims to:

  • Improve the economic and social welfare of disadvantaged women and their families.
  • Divert women from custody and reduce the impact that crime has on vulnerable women and their local community.
  • Empower women by giving them the tools and techniques to become independent women making a valuable contribution to society.

Alana House has been awarded The Howard League for Penal Reform Award in the Community Programme for Women category, acknowledging the positive impact Alana House has on the women it supports and their wider communities. The Howard League for Penal Reform is a national charity working for less crime, safer communities and fewer people in prison. See more here

Alana House is the only project of its kind in the local area and its need is evidenced by the growing number of referrals received year on year from a range of professionals and practitioners  who come into contact with vulnerable women in the area.

Watch the short film below to hear all about the work carried out at Alana House.

To see how our work at Alana House provides value for money and social impact please read the Social Return on Investment report conducted by Baker Tilly