Can I adopt if I smoke?

No. PACT is aware of the medical evidence regarding the impact of passive smoking on children and is looking to place children in smoke-free homes. Local authorities placing children will not prioritise a family where anyone smokes, whether in the home or not. If you currently smoke and would like to adopt via PACT you will have to give up smoking (cigarettes and cigars). You will need confirmation from your GP that you have started a Smoking Cessation plan before we can offer to work with you.

Can I continue with any fertility treatments whilst I apply to adopt?

If you have been undergoing treatment to conceive, we will usually ask that at least six months have elapsed since the last cycle of treatment has finished. This request will depend on how long you were in treatment and may vary case by case.  We know from experience and research that this period after treatment allows for the one chapter to end and another begin.  It is best that adoption is a positive choice rather than a reactive one to infertility. 

Do I need experience of looking after children?

We encourage our adopters to obtain personal or professional ‘hands on’ experience with children, particularly if you are thinking of adopting older children or sibling groups. We give advice and ideas for voluntary work including working in a nursery, school or club for applicants to gain experience with children they do not know, as this can be helpful. We can signpost you to agencies willing to offer such volunteering experience.