PACT adopters encouraged to take part in new exhibition about adoption

Parents And Children Together (PACT) is taking part in an exciting new exhibition as part of a project called: The Museum of Ordinary People (MOOP).

This initiative aims to celebrate the ripples that ordinary people leave behind, using everyday objects and collections to tell social narratives and write hidden histories and experience into the history books.

During the first pop-up museum this May, as part of Brighton's Fringe festival, PACT and MOOP are collaborating to create an exhibition that tells the story of adoption. This will use everyday objects that were significant to families during the adoption process to help share the candid journey of adoption.

Artist Lucy Malone, who is also a PACT volunteer, will be curating the exhibition.

She said: "We are asking children, parents and social workers to loan an object that was important to them during their adoptive journey. We would like these objects to tell all sides of the story, to be a candid representation of the adoption journey and show both positive and negative experiences, and happy and sad memories.

"We will take complete care of these objects and return them to you after the exhibition." 

Objects could include:

  • The first outfit you bought your child
  • The teddy bear they couldn't live without when they arrived
  • A picture they drew of your family
  • The hairbrush they first let you brush their hair with

Lucy added that objects cannot be photographs or anything else that is identifiable although she is able to conceal names and addresses on letters or documents.

The process is completely confidential and Lucy is DBS checked.

PACT adopters who would like to take part are asked to either:

  • Send your objects in (with some brief text about the object and why it was/is significant) to PACT's Brighton office at Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG
  • Take them into a PACT office in either Reading, Brighton or London (see our Contact Us page for details of addresses)
  • Pass them onto your PACT Social Worker

The deadline for objects to be submitted is Tuesday 15th May.

Lucy added: "If you or your child have anything you would like to submit we would love to hear from you, please do get in touch if you would like to take part or if you have any questions."

Lucy can be contacted at

Parents and children will be very welcome to attend the exhibition, which will be on at The Spire in East Brighton from Tuesday 29th May to Sunday 3rd June. For more information see